Calamian Islands in Palawan is a Must-See Paradise

Calamian Islands in Palawan is a Must-See Paradise

4th Jul 2019

Calamian Islands is an island group located in Palawan, which features some of the province’s hidden gems. It’s a paradise! In fact, Calamian Islands can compete as the “most beautiful” in the world, according to Conde Naste Traveler. You can find some other bucket-list worthy islands and islets here, which you can visit by availing Coron Tours, or simply with DIY itinerary and you just pay for your boat. Read on to know about some of the islands you’ll come across here:

Busuanga Island

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Busuanga Island is the largest in Calamian, and second largest island from the whole Palawan archipelago. It is divided into two municipalities: Busuanga and Coron. Busuanga has an airport called Busuanga Airport (USU), which is the main gateway to all of Calamian Islands. Coron town, on the other hand, has a pier.

Coron Island

Coron Island is a separate island from Coron town. It’s the third largest island and the main tourism hub of the whole island group. The place’s natural beauty is beyond words, everything about it is surreal—from the beautiful lagoons to the picturesque beaches. One visit isn’t enough.

Culion Island

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Culion is always dubbed as the isolated island since it’s hardly accessible, but getting here is worth it. It has rich history which can be seen from the museums and churches surrounding the area.

Calauit Island

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This island will make your African dreams come to life. Go to Calauit Safari Park and you’ll be welcomed by various species like zebras, giraffes, deer and monkeys. This wildlife sanctuary is a must-visit if you’re an animal lover.

Malcapuya Island

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Going to this island may not be easy, but the white sand beach is definitely worth the rough boat ride. Best part? It has a hill that serves as viewpoint, where you can take in the beauty of the island, and see the other islands from afar.

Banana Island

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While there are literally no bananas in this place, you’ll go bananas with how breathtaking this island is. For starters, it has deep waters which houses a rich marine life—perfect for snorkeling! You can also catch the sandbar during low tide.

How to Get to Calamian Islands

The main jump-off point in going to these islands is Coron. From Coron, you can avail tours that will take you to the islands of your choice. Keep reading for transportation options:

Manila to Coron

Flying from Manila is the easiest way to get to Coron.

You can book via Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Skyjet thru

If you prefer traveling by sea, you can book a 2Go from Manila to Coron. The ship to Coron departs every Friday. Book via

El Nido to Coron

From El Nido, you can ride a Montenegro ferry that travels back and forth daily. Book via

Puerto Princesa to Coron

You can catch 2Go ferries travel from Puerto Princesa to Coron every Wednesday and Saturday. Book via

Coron Travel Packages

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