Coron Island Hopping Tour & Activities

Coron Island Hopping Tour & Activities

21st Nov 2020

Palawan has so many breathtaking places, and Coron is no exception. The island has consistently been hailed as one of the top diving sites in the world. It’s no wonder that it’s slowly gaining more popularity.

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Since it’s part of the Calamian group of islands, there are a lot of destinations to explore. Everybody knows about the Twin Lagoon and Kayangan Lake in Coron, but we also cover the lesser known places so you’ll know what to expect. Here are some spots to look forward to on your island hopping adventure. All these destinations are part of the Coron Ultimate Day Tour.  

Kayangan Lake Coron

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Dubbed as the “cleanest lake in the Philippines”, Kayangan Lake in Coron is one of the most awaited destinations for visitors. This is probably because when you google for images of “Coron”, the view of Kayangan Lake is the most popular search result. But before you can take in this sight, you’ll need to overcome a short but steep climb. We guarantee that the reward is definitely worth the 15 minute cardio.

Skeleton Wreck

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The Skeleton Wreck is one of the many shipwreck sites of Coron that you can dive in. Its name came from the fact that only the skeleton of the ship is what’s left of it. After taking a hit during World War II, the Japanese supply ship sunk at the north western part of the island. The boat is only 5 to 22 meters deep which means that both free divers and scuba divers can explore the structure. Some people have even spotted a harpoon-like instrument mirroring a trident!

Malwawey Coral Garden

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Your Coron island hopping experience wouldn’t be complete without looking at its reefs. With almost 500 reviews on Tripadvisor, the Malwawey Coral Garden is known for its colorful reefs teeming with sea creatures. Even snorkelers can enjoy the underwater views from a distance because of the clear waters. Some jellyfish are present, be mindful so that you don’t get stung!

Learn to dive in Coron if you want to see more of its vibrant marine life.

CYC Beach

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Trivia time! CYC Beach is actually an acronym for “Coron Youth Club”. It’s often included in Coron island hopping tour packages because it has no entrance fees. This middle stop in your tour is perfect for swimming or sunbathing. The powdery white sand, mangrove trees, and rock formations are the defining features of CYC beach. In some parts of the water you can spot reefs and fish swimming about.

Twin Lagoon

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Just as popular as Kayangan Lake, the Twin Lagoon is a highly anticipated destination during a Coron island hopping tour. As its name suggests, there are two lagoons but they’re divided by huge limestone formations. To cross over, you can either take the ladder over the rocks, or swim under the rocks’ archway. The Twin Lagoon rose to fame for the surreal atmosphere it gives. Many are content to just float on the jade waters while admiring the scenic cliffs.

Did you like these spots? Thankfully, all of these are included in one tour. 

Book the Coron Ultimate Day Tour here. If you're a solo traveler you can join a tour so it's cheaper. Private island hopping tours for groups are also available.  

How to Get to Coron

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Coron is separated from the rest of Palawan. It lies just in between Mindoro and Palawan’s mainland. Despite its location, the island is very accessible to tourists.

Manila to Coron

Most travelers just take a plane from Manila. Local airlines have regular flights to Coron, book yours here. For a more budget friendly option, you can also travel by ferry. Get your tickets in advance because the ferry departs only once a week.

El Nido to Coron

When you’re done touring El Nido, catch a ferry to get to Coron. Earliest trip is at 6:00 AM with a scheduled trip every 4 hours. Best to be prepared and grab your tickets online.

Puerto Princesa to Coron

From Puerto Princesa, you can also take a boat to Coron Island. This ferry route also operates only once a week so buy your ticket as soon as you can.

Other Coron Tour Packages

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*Blog last updated on November 21, 2020