"I did not get my ticket"

In some cases, ticket confirmation happens instantly. In others, it takes time. If the confirmation is not instant, some operators may confirm bookings only several days in advance, so if you booked months in advance confirmation may come later on.

If you do not get any confirmation email after completing your booking, please do the following:

  • Check if your route has an "Instant" badge. If it does not, the confirmation will be made later
  • Check your spam folder
  • Check if you have received the payment confirmation to your email. If you have not, it is possible that the booking was not made at all
  • Check if you have provided the correct email address.
  • If you think you might have made a mistake in your email address, please open a support case.

"How do I cancel my ticket?"

To cancel your ticket, open a support case. Enter your booking number and email and click on “I want to cancel my ticket”. You'll be offered an option to cancel the ticket if the cancellation is possible. Each operator has its own cancellation rules which are displayed during the booking process. Click on the “Cancellation” tab at checkout to see them.

"Can I receive a refund for my ticket?"

It depends on many factors. Some operators allow refunds, while others don't. There is a deadline for refunds if they are possible. When making a booking, please check the cancellation rules for each operator/trip by clicking on the "Cancellation" tab during the checkout. 

"How do I contact the support team?"

To contact them directly, please open a support case by clicking here. You will be asked to fill out a form with your booking number and email address. You may also sign in to the booking portal and click "Call us online" to talk to a representative. Or send an e-mail to support@12go.asia.


"When will I receive my bus ticket voucher?"

DLTB, Ohayami, Aniceto, and Cisco buses process bookings manually. It may take up to 24 hours until the ticket voucher is sent to you. In high season, this may take longer.

Bookings from Isarog Lines, Penafrancia, Philtranco, Pintados, Cherry, Victory Liner, Joybus, Roro, Farinas, Coda Lines and Legaspi St Jude transport Lines are confirmed instantly after payment. If you can not find the ticket voucher in your email inbox, please contact the support team.

"If the bus is cancelled, can I get a refund?"

Bus operators reserve the right to cancel trips or change their time schedules and/or dates of departure without prior notice. If this happened to you, please contact the support team for a refund.

"Can I change my bus ticket's travel date and time?"

For Farinas Trans, DLTB, Aniceto Bus Lines, and Lexxus shuttle bookings, please contact the support team at least 72 hours prior to your departure date and time.
Fees apply and changes are subject to availability.

For Isarog Lines, Victory Liner, Joybus, Pintados, Penafrancia Tours, Legaspi St Jude Transport Lines, Ohayami Trans, Coda Lines, Cisco Bus, and Cherry Bus, you must visit the terminal directly to request to a different depature date. Fees apply and changes are subject to availability.

"Can I board the bus with my ticket voucher?"

For most operators, you will need to go to the ticket booth to check-in and receive your real bus ticket. You can print and show your ticket voucher upon check-in or you can simply show it from your device.

For Cisco Bus, Farinas Trans, and Joybus, you can board with your PRINTED ticket voucher. No need to have to it exchanged at the ticket booth.


"When will I receive my ferry ticket voucher?"

For 2GO Travel, Montenegro Lines, Supercat, and Starlite Ferries, you will receive a voucher along with your e-ticket instantly after a successful payment. If you cannot find the voucher in your email inbox, please contact the support team.

Oceanjet ferry tickets are booked manually. Reservations might be confirmed up to several hours before the departure.

"If the ferry is cancelled, can I get a refund?"

You may request a refund if the cancellation is due to weather conditions or technical issues. Please open a support case for this.

"Can I change my ferry ticket's travel date and time?"

For 2GO Travel and Supercat tickets, it is possible to change departure date and time. You must visit their ticketing outlet to request this. Additional fees may apply. If you want to cancel your ticket, you may contact the support team to get a partial refund.

For Montenegro Lines, please contact the support team at least 48 hours before your trip date. Starlite Ferries also allows departure changes. You must contact the support team at least 72 hours before your trip date. Additional fees may apply.

For Oceanjet tickets, you may request for a change in travel date and time if you have not yet received your ticket voucher. However, if you have already received it, changes can no longer be accommodated.

"Can I board the ferry with my ticket voucher?"

For 2GO Travel and Supercat, your e-ticket will be attached to the confirmation email together with the voucher. You are required to print it out and check-in at the pier 2 - 4 hours prior to departure.

For Montenegro Lines, you must exchange the ticket voucher to an actual ticket at the pier at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

For Oceanjet reservations, just present the “TICKET-No” which can be found in the passenger section on your voucher.

For Starlite Ferries, you are required to print the ticket voucher and check-in at the pier 1-2 hours prior to departure.