Manila to Baguio by taxi, car, van, bus or flight

Manila to Baguio by taxi, car, van, bus or flight

28th Aug 2020

What do strawberries, public parks, and sweater weather make you think of? There can only be one city that can come to mind: Baguio! It’s hard to believe that there’s  a place where it’s chilly all year round in the Philippines. Baguio—or even the whole Benguet region—is perfect for those who’ve had enough of the sweltering heat.

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The attractions in Baguio are mostly parks, landmarks, and museums. Ukay-ukay thrift shopping and coffee crawls are also highly anticipated activities. Want to know how to get to Baguio? Keep reading for more information on transportation options from Manila. When possible, we’ve also included the Manila to Baguio fare price for each transportation option.

How to get to Baguio in Different Ways

Are you concerned with the cheapest or the fastest way to get to Baguio? Weigh your options with our detailed transportation guide.

Manila to Baguio by Plane

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Although Baguio has its own airport, there are no commercial flights available. Loakan Airport in Baguio is currently closed so it’s not possible to fly to the summer capital yet. Loakan Airport has had a history of accidents. The most recent one was in 2009, when a presidential helicopter with government staff crashed into a nearby mountain while attempting to return to the airport.

Due to its short runway, low visibility and nearby ravines, the airport has been challenging for pilots to navigate safely. The local government has plans of re-opening Loakan Airport by 2021. Once commercial flights are allowed, this will definitely be the most convenient way to reach Baguio. Just keep in mind that it might not be the safest option!

Manila to Baguio by Taxi

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Hailing a taxi to get to Baguio is not advisable. In the first place, you’d have a hard time finding a taxi driver willing to take you. Driving up to Baguio can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours depending on traffic. On top of that, the driver will have to make his way back to the city. Expect to pay an outrageously pricey fare of about 7,000-8,000 PHP should you want to go by taxi. You’re better off arranging for a private car instead!

Manila to Baguio by Private Car or Van

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Having a private vehicle is ideal for travelers who want to reach Baguio in the shortest amount of time possible. Travel time should only be about 4 hours for a one way drive. There’s no need to worry about catching the next departure time or making stopovers because you’re in control. However, you do have to spend on gas and toll fees. Manila to Baguio toll fees are about 600+ PHP per way.

If you don’t have your own car, renting a vehicle is also an option. This works well for groups so the rental fee and toll fees are split with others. You can even use the van to get around Baguio so that’ll save you the extra hassle and cost of taking public transport. Check our private van rentals from Manila to Baguio here.

Manila to Baguio by Bus

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Getting to Baguio by bus is the most popular public transportation option. This is evidenced by the number of trips that bus companies operate in a day! Bus operators that have the Manila to Baguio route are Victory Liner, Genesis Joy Bus, and Solid North Transit. The fare from Manila to Baguio ranges from 500 to 900 PHP.

Victory Liner

There are several Victory Liner terminals around the Metro, namely in Cubao, Caloocan, Pasay, and Kamias. You can take either a regular AC bus for 500-600 PHP or take the first class one for 800-900 PHP. Normally, it would take 6 hours for the regular bus. If you’d like to have a quicker and more comfortable commute, opt for the first class bus. Travel time will also be reduced to just 4 hours. It has wider leg room, bottled water, WiFi, charging sockets and a bathroom. Check out the schedules for both types of buses here.

Genesis Joy Bus

Similar to Victory Liner’s offering, Genesis has two types of bus classes to choose from. Their cheapest offer is the Genesis semi-deluxe bus at 600 PHP. A more premium option is the Genesis Joy Bus with a fare of 760 PHP.

Solid North Transit

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Travelers have been raving about Solid North Transit’s P2P since it came out in July 2019. The Manila to Baguio fare for the deluxe P2P bus is 525 PHP while the luxury class bus is 760 PHP. For both buses, there are no stopovers. Departure is from the PITX and will have just one stopover in Cubao to pick up more passengers. Read more about Solid North’s P2P bus to Baguio in our other article. This P2P bus is always in high demand so it’s safer to book your seat in advance instead of being a chance passenger.

As always, make sure to  book your bus tickets and hotel accommodations early for a smooth trip!