Where to Eat in Baguio

Where to Eat in Baguio

20th Nov 2020

Baguio City is not just a place to relax and unwind, people also come here for its food! We took a trip to Baguio and tried their most famous restaurants. Can't decide where to eat in Baguio? Check out these places on your next food crawl to the City of Pines. 

Oh My Gulay

Address: 5th Floor, La Azotea Building, Session Road
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday, 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

This space is quite hard to find for first-timers since it’s situated at the fifth floor of a building along Session Road. Once you reach the restaurant, you’ll be welcomed with a rustic art space inspired by the Igorot culture, a very “Kidlat Tahimik concept” most of us are familiar with. Oh My Gulay has an art gallery, a hanging bridge, carved wooden chairs, and several Igorot artifacts. There’s even a mini garden with a fish pond!

Oh My Gulay is definitely the go-to restaurant for Vegans because of the delectable organic meals. Try their bestseller pasta called “Anak ng Putanesca.”

Exhibits and mini concerts are sometimes held here, and there’s a live pianist in the background even on normal days.

Ili Likha Artist Village

Address: 2600 Assumption Road
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Another restaurant by national artist Kidlat Tahimik, Ili Likha Artist Village is similar to Oh My Gulay, except that it has a more jungle-like structure with more food options. It's where you can find some of the best food in Baguio!

Photo credits to Café Cueva

They have a community called Kiwing na Kahoy Kommunity Food Hub (KKK), which consists of vendors inside the place. Each of them has their own specialty which you can choose from—from burgers, pizza to local delicacies and beverages. Try the cheesy mushroom sandwich boat from Café Cueva.

The place screams Igorot culture and artifacts, it’s like entering another world. There’s a resemblance to The Hobbit. Make sure to bring your camera! There’s a rainbow staircase made of mosaic tiles inside, a favorite spot for Instagram-worthy shots. You can easily spot this food hub among the modern establishments along Assumption Road. 

Glenn 50’s Diner

Address: 166 Military Cut-off Road
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday, 7:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Perhaps one of the best restaurants in Baguio, Glenn 50’s Diner is a classic that is on every Baguio itinerary. They have two branches: one in Military Cutoff Road and another in Porta Vaga mall.

This American style diner offers huge servings of food at an affordable price, and they have a very extensive menu that has all your favorites! Steaks, burgers, seafood, sandwiches—name it, they have it. 

They also have shakes and cocktails, plus coffee and tea beverages infused with fruits. Since it opens as early as 7:00 AM, it's one of the best options for breakfast in Baguio. 

Jim’s Retro Diner

Address: Basement, La Azotea Building, Session Road
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday, 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Jim’s Retro Diner is easy to spot along Session Road—with its big signage along La Azotea. It's one of those Instagram-worthy places to eat in Baguio!

Pizza is their ultimate bestseller, so it’s recommended for group dining. Come here on a rainy day and avail of their exclusive weather promo where you’ll get a free pasta platter or 10” pizza when you buy 2 pizzas (12” or 14”).

For solo or couple travelers, they also have rice budget meals on their menu. You can order buffalo wings, too!

Baguio Craft Brewery

Address: 20 RKC Building, Marcos Highway, Bakakeng Central 
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday, 5:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Looking for a place to have a late night drink? A few minutes away from the city center is Baguio Craft Brewery, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Located on the second and third floor of RKC Building along Marcos Highway, it’s the best place to view the spectacular Baguio night lights with a glass of craft beer in hand.

If you want a flavored drink with a little kick, order their bestseller Passion Fruit. They have lager-type and ale beers as well, perfect to for the cold Baguio weather. Cap off the night here, they also have your favorite pulutan on the menu!

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*Blog last updated on November 20 2020