Baguio Itinerary & Guide For First Timers

Baguio Itinerary & Guide For First Timers

3rd Jul 2019

If there’s a refuge where you can escape from the harsh Philippine heat, it’s got to be Baguio City. The nippy weather makes it the top choice during the warmer months, hence its title as the Summer Capital of the country.

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But there’s so much more to it than its cold climate. With abundant places to explore, you might find it challenging to narrow down your Baguio itinerary.

Keep reading to find out our recommendations for what to do in Baguio.

How to Get to Baguio

Whether you’re departing from Pasay or Cubao, both terminals have buses going to Baguio. Victory Liner has the most number of trips, operating almost 24 hours a day. You can even choose between the regular AC or the special bus. Choose carefully because it will take you anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to get to Baguio. Plan your travel ahead of time by booking online.

How to Get Around Baguio

Once there, your transport options are either hailing a jeep or a taxi. Jeeps are the cheaper yet slower option, with a minimum fare of 9 PHP. There will be plenty of stops and the routes might be confusing for tourists. On the other hand, taxis are costlier but more convenient because they will take you straight to your destination. Base rate starts at 35 PHP, with an additional 2 PHP for every 100 meters.

Baguio City Map

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Baguio City is not intimidatingly large. Some tourist spots are closer to one another so it might be strategic to plan your trip with this in mind. For your reference, here’s an illustrated Baguio City Map. Divide and conquer by the suggested cluster of attractions above!

What to do in Baguio

We’ve compiled a list of things to do in Baguio City that you shouldn’t miss.

Park Hopping

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In Baguio City, you will never run out of parks. And the best part is that they’re open to the public! For active travelers, get physical at Burnham Park by renting a vehicle of your choice: a bike, a boat, or a go kart. For animal lovers, admire the horses and St. Bernard dogs at Wright Park. For laid back visitors, have a cup of strawberry taho at the observation deck of Mines View Park. No matter what you’re into, there’s a park for everyone to enjoy. Squeeze in a trip to any of these areas to complete your Baguio itinerary.

Get Cultured

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Benguet province is rich in arts, history, and culture. Curious minds would enjoy the Tam-awan Village which exhibits traditional Ifugao houses and an art gallery of local artists. Learn even more about the Cordilleras by going to the Baguio Museum which houses historical artifacts and indigenous pieces. For a modern art experience, view the works of national artist Benedicto Cabrera at the BenCab Museum. Include any of these sites for a more culturally immersive Baguio tour.

Sightseeing & Picture Taking

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Aside from the mountainous views, Baguio has many spots for sightseeing. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a cent to visit them. Include as many sights as you want, after all, they’re free! One of the most photographed places is the Valley of Colors which is made up of vibrant houses near La Trinidad. Right next to it, you’ll find the Bell Church, a Buddhist temple with a lily pond. The Lion’s Head and the Mansion are also popular photo ops that are unique to Baguio. Commemorate your trip with pictures at these iconic landmarks!

Coffee & Food Crawl

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What better way to enjoy the chilly weather than with a cup of coffee? Your DIY Baguio tour itinerary should definitely include a food trip! Many come to the Cafe in the Sky to sip warm drinks while watching the sunrise. Eat at restaurants loved by both tourists and locals such as: Good Taste, Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna, Oh My Gulay, and Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant. If you have a bit more time, go and explore Baguio’s coffee scene.

Ukay-ukay & Pasalubong Shopping

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The Baguio Night Market on Harrison Road is infamous for cheap finds. From clothes, bags, shoes, and even gadgets, there’s a lot to choose from. It starts to get busy at 9PM, all the way until six in the morning. In case you get hungry, there are numerous street food stalls to cater to your tummy. Thrift shopping on your last night is a good way to buy any last minute souvenirs before you depart. Stock up on strawberries, jams, pili nuts, lengua and coffee!

Hopefully, our suggestions on what to do in Baguio have helped create your own itinerary. You can explore the rest of Benguet by visiting Sagada or the Batad Rice Terraces.

Where to Stay in Baguio

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