Manila to Coron Ferry Guide & Schedule

Manila to Coron Ferry Guide & Schedule

15th Jan 2021

When you want a quick getaway from Manila, Coron is not the first place that comes to mind—largely because it's an island away! Most tourists ride a plane, but did you know that you can get to Coron by boat? Keep reading to find out how to travel from Manila to Coron via ferry.

Where to ride the Manila to Coron Ferry

2Go Travel is the only ferry company that has a direct route from Manila to Coron. Board the vessel on the North Harbor Pier 4 in Tondo, Manila. Traffic in this part of the city can be intense, allot an extra hour or two to get to the port on time. Riding the ferry is not the fastest way to get to Coron with a travel time of 11 hours. Since it’s going to be a long trip, you will be assigned a bunk bed for the whole duration. But think of it this way, after a good night’s sleep, you’ll be waking up to Coron’s sunshine!

Come morning, you’ll be landing on Coron Port, which is 40 minutes away from the Coron Airport. The port is only 10 minutes away from the town proper where most of the hotels and inns are. Pretty convenient, right?

2Go Rates

Fares will vary depending on the type of ticket you choose. But no matter what your accommodation is, all passengers can access the following amenities: cafe, restaurant, quick mart, spa, salon, and karaoke. If you’re ever bored, just wander to any of these areas to help pass time.

To see the differences between ticket types, check out the photos below.

Super Value Class

The super value class ticket is the cheapest option out of all ticket types because there is no air conditioning. If you can live without artificial cooling, then go ahead and purchase this ticket for 2,300 PHP.

Mega Value Class

The mega value class ticket is almost the same price as the super value ticket at around 2,400 PHP but with air conditioning. Book the mega value class if you want more value for your money.

Tourist Class

Tickets for tourist class will cost you around 2,500 PHP but will give you a sense of more privacy because of the dividers.


If you want to be secluded from most passengers, then book the cabin good for 4 people for 2,900 PHP.

2Go Schedule

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Manila to Coron

Every week, there is only one trip from Manila to Coron. 2Go departs every Friday evening at 7PM. You’ll be arriving in Coron the next morning at 6 AM. Get a headstart on the long lines by reserving your ticket online. If you miss out, you’ll have to postpone your trip for another week!

Coron to Manila

After you’ve had your fun in Coron, it’s time to head back. 2Go operates the Coron to Manila ferry every Sunday at 8PM. You’ll be in Manila by 7AM of the next day—just in time to head straight to the office. If you’re coming back to Manila for the work week, make sure to have your return ticket booked to ensure your slot on the boat.

2Go Travel Contact Number

Should you have any concerns regarding your ticket or the schedule, contact 2Go Travel directly via (02) 528-7000. This customer service hotline is available from Mondays to Saturdays from 7AM to 7PM. You can also send them an e-mail at

Coron Hotels, Hostels, Accommodation

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Coron Tour Packages

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*Routes are suspended due to General Community Quarantine (GCQ)

Page Updated: January 15, 2021