Baguio City Temperature & Weather Guide

Baguio City Temperature & Weather Guide

3rd Aug 2019

Despite not having any beaches, Baguio has earned the title of “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. Many escape to the north to take a quick respite from the tropical heat. It is one of the few areas in the country where chilly climate persists all year round. Both local and foreign tourists visit to enjoy the comfortable Baguio city temperature.

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In addition to the pleasant weather, the attractions and food that the city has to offer are not to be missed! Plan your trip with our weather guide below to have an idea of Baguio’s temperature and weather today.

Baguio Weather

Just like the rest of the Philippines, Baguio only has two seasons: wet and dry. The rainy months begin with May and last all the way until October. As shown in the graph, August is the rainiest time of the year. Meanwhile, the driest months are from December to March.

It’s not particularly sunny in Baguio, most of the time it’s a little cloudy. The sky turns cloudier during the rainy season though. Hopefully this graph will make it easier for you to predict the weather forecast during your Baguio trip.

Baguio City Temperature

Baguio is truly a sanctuary from the rest of the Philippine heat, the temperature doesn’t even reach 30° Celsius! The hottest temperature is only at 25° during April. In contrast, January is the coldest month of the year with the temperature dropping as low as 12°. The temperature does not fluctuate drastically in Baguio. If you’re wondering about the Baguio temperature now, it would probably be somewhere in between 15-20° Celsius.

Best Time to Visit Baguio

The best time to visit Baguio depends on your preference. Some things to consider would be the weather, temperature, and crowding.

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To avoid the rain showers, visit only during the dry months of December to March. Those who want to bask in Baguio’s cold climate should also visit during this time. On the flipside, April is the warmest time so it’s suited for those who dislike freezing temperatures. But keep in mind that summer is also a popular time for tourists to visit. The higher the chance of precipitation, the lesser the people.

Baguio has a steady influx of visitors throughout the year but the busiest months are from November to March. Christmas and New Year holidays always rake in lots of vacationers. February would also be quite crowded due to the Panagbenga festival. The flower festival has colorful floats and performances that represent Cordillera’s culture and tradition. It only happens once a year so it might be worth a visit!

Now that you have info about the weather forecast in Baguio, it’s time to plan your trip up north! Check out our suggestions for  what to do in Baguio. For another chilly destination, consider visiting the neighboring village of Batad and its famous rice terraces. 

How to Get to Baguio

From Manila, you can ride a bus at either the Pasay or Cubao terminals. Travel time is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the type of bus you choose. Victory Liner and Joy Bus have regular trips to Baguio so you have some flexibility in choosing departure times. Trips to Baguio are consistent because there is a high demand, so make sure to reserve seats earlier by booking online.

Where to Stay in Baguio

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