Things to Do in Baguio: Baguio Night Market

17th Sep 2019

It’s no secret that Baguio City is an “ ukay-ukay wonderland”. A Baguio vacation isn’t complete without heading to the famous Baguio Night Market, the best place in the city to go thrift shopping.

Baguio Night Market Address

Located along Harrison Road beside Burnham Park, the night market starts at 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. For first-timers, it’s easy to spot the area when you’re walking along the overpass. 

Baguio Night Market Reminders

Before going here, make sure you’re ready to brave a huge crowd. Pickpockets are rampant in the area, so bring only necessary items with you and keep them in a small bag. Police officers do regular rounds here, though, but better safe than sorry!

Baguio Night Market Finds

Cold-weather essentials such as coat, scarf, and boots are available on much cheaper prices. There are lots of secondhand items to choose from—bags, shoes, accessories and clothes. 

Apart from thrift items, you can also spot the latest fashion apparel here such as denim jackets, culottes, imitations of designer shoes, caps and hats.

For Baguio first-timers, souvenirs are cheaper in the night market compared to those that are sold near famous Baguio tourist spots, and you can even ask for a lower price.

You can also purchase some home essentials and decorations here from pillows to curtains, plus other things for display in your humble abode.

Baguio Night Market Street food

Aside from shopping, there are lots of food areas at both ends of the market—perfect for a food trip. From Pinoy favorites like balut and kwek-kwek to Korean food like ddeokkboki and japchae, you’ll never run out of options.

How to Get to Baguio Night Market

Ride a jeep with the sign “Baguio Plaza”. From Baguio Plaza, you can walk to Harrison Road.
Ride a taxi cab from anywhere and you’ll be dropped off exactly at Harrison Road.

From Manila to Baguio, you can ride buses such as Joy Bus and Victory Liner. Click the links for the schedule or search down below.

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Accommodations in Baguio City

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