Port of Batangas

Batangas City Port is the jump off point for travelers who wish to visit nearby islands. The port of Batangas caters to people mostly from the Calabarzon Region but travelers from Manila are also common. There are two major terminals here, one for passengers and the other for cargo and shipping. With a land mass of 150 hectares, the Port of Batangas serves as an alternate sea port to the Port of Manila


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Batangas Port has earned the ire of travelers due to the presence of unofficial guides and helpers within the vicinity. Tourists are advised to research beforehand to avoid getting scammed. We’ve put together this Batangas Port guide so commuters are well informed before their travel. Check out the details below for Batangas Pier’s facilities, ferry routes, contact number and more.

How to Get to Batangas Pier

Address: Batangas Port Access Rd, Brgy. Santa. Clara, Batangas

Batangas Port’s location is conveniently near Batangas City’s Grand Terminal. They are 10 minutes away from each other. To get to Batangas Pier via public transport, take a bus from Manila. Alps Bus has terminals in Cubao, Alabang, and Buendia. JAM Bus also has terminals in Cubao and Buendia. Ride either of these buses that are bound for Batangas Pier. You can ask the conductor or driver if you’re unsure. 

Check for the Alps Bus schedule here. Bus schedules for JAM Bus are also available on our website

Batangas Port Facilities


Batangas Pier has all the regular facilities of an average seaport. There are specific ticketing counters assigned per ferry operator. Ferry routes and corresponding information are usually visible on ticketing counters’ windows. Upon entering the seaport, bag inspections are conducted by security personnel. 

Comfort rooms are available at the air conditioned waiting areas. Seats may be limited due to Batangas Port’s large number of passengers. Arrive well before your departure time to secure seats. Snacks and refreshments are offered at small food stands. You can do some last minute shopping at the mini souvenir shops. Free public Wi-Fi is provided but only for a limited amount of time. If you’re ever low on power, charging stations for phones can be used for free. Just remember to keep an eye on your valuables! 

Batangas Port Operating Hours & Contact Number

The Port of Batangas never closes; it is open to serve the riding public at all times. To contact management, try calling their number at (043) 722-2429. Batangas Port is under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). During inclement weather, we suggest you check the PPA’s Facebook page or your ferry operator’s page for any important announcements.  

Batangas Port Operators and Routes

Departures are usually not on time but arrive early anyway to avoid being left behind. We’ve listed the ferry companies and the available routes you can take from Batangas Pier. Click on the names of operators to check their respective ferry schedules.

Ferry Operators at Port of Batangas

Ferry Routes at Port of Batangas