Visiting the Famous Baguio Cathedral

Visiting the Famous Baguio Cathedral

17th Nov 2020

Out of all the  popular attractions in Baguio, the Baguio Cathedral is definitely not one to miss. This beautiful structure dates way back to the 1900s, dedicated to the Lady of Atonement, otherwise known as the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sitting in the middle of Session Road, this Roman Catholic church has distinctive twin spires and stained glass windows which is a unique sight to tourists.

Before reaching the church itself, you’ll have to trudge a long concrete stairway with over a hundred steps. If you’re not the walking type, there’s an alternate entrance on the other side to skip this. There’s also a view deck that overlooks other tourist attractions in Baguio such as Burnham Park. Whether it’s your first time or not, the Baguio Cathedral is worth the visit!

Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral History

Baguio Church was constructed in the 1920s atop the hill called Kampo by the Ibaloi people. Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral was able to withstand bombings from World War II. It even served as an evacuation center during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. 

Baguio Church Mass

The best time to visit the cathedral is during weekdays to avoid the crowd. But if you want to experience the Sunday mass, remember to come early to secure a good seat. During Sundays and holidays, the church is surrounded by vendors selling religious items and souvenirs. You might want to check these out.

Our Lady of Atonement Schedule of Liturgical Services 

Listed below is the most recent mass schedule for the Baguio Cathedral's worship services. They also post live videos of the mass on their  Facebook page

*schedule last updated on November 17, 2020

Baguio Cathedral Mass Schedule: Monday to Friday

6:30 AM - Ilocano
7:15 AM - English
12:15 PM - English
5:15 PM - English

Baguio Cathedral Mass Schedule: Saturday

6:30 AM - Ilocano
7:15 AM - English
12:00 NN - English
1:00 PM - English
2:30 PM - English
3:30 PM - English
5:00 PM - English
6:00 PM - English

Baguio Cathedral Mass Schedule: Sunday

5:00 AM - Private Ilocano Mass
6:00 AM - English
7:30 AM - English
8:30 AM - Ilocano
10:00 AM - English
11:00 AM - Tagalog
12:30 PM - English
1:30 PM - English
3:00 PM - English
4:00 PM - English
5:00 PM - English

Baguio Cathedral Schedule of Confessional

Monday to Saturday: 7:45 AM - 8:45 AM
Sunday: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM - 12:00 NN

How to Get to Baguio Cathedral

The Cathedral is easy to reach via Session Road. It is located near Saint Louis University. Ride a taxi cab from anywhere and you’ll be dropped off exactly at Baguio Cathedral.

From Manila to Baguio, you can ride buses such as Joy Bus and Victory Liner. Click the links for the schedule.

Baguio Cathedral Contact Number

Get in touch with the church's management and admin by calling their number at (074) 424 7871. You may also send them a message on their  Facebook page or email them at

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