Romblon Group of Islands Travel Guide

Romblon Group of Islands Travel Guide

30th Jul 2020

Romblon is known as the “Marble Capital of the Philippines”. But aside from its abundant supply of precious rock, it also has plenty of sandbars, beaches, and waterfalls. With all the exciting nature activities, Romblon is starting to gain more attention from travelers.

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Did you know that the province of Romblon consists of 20 islands? It’s an island hopper’s dream destination! Some find traveling between islands intimidating, while others gladly welcome the challenge. One thing’s for sure: the commute only makes paradise that much sweeter! In our travel guide, we give you an overview of Romblon’s most popular islands for tourists.

How to Get to Romblon

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Manila to Romblon via Plane

From Metro Manila, you can fly directly to Romblon Airport on Tablas Island. Flying takes only an hour and a half. Commercial planes have regular flights from the capital to Tablas. Look for cheap flights here.

Manila to Romblon Via Bus & Ferry

From Manila, ride a bus bound for Batangas port. There are ferries that will take you to Romblon Island, Odiongan (Tablas Island), and Sibuyan Island. Take your pick. Make sure to arrive well before the ferry departure time. Travel time from Batangas to Romblon is approximately 8 to 12 hours. Ferry tickets to Romblon available at PH Bus.

Roxas to Romblon via Ferry

From Culasi Port in Roxas City, you can take a ferry to Sibuyan Island or Odiongan. Ferry companies that operate these routes are Starlite Ferries and 2GO Travel. Travel time from Roxas City to Romblon is around 4 to 5 hours. For a smoother commute, book your tickets in advance.

Caticlan to Romblon via Ferry

The only direct ferry route connecting Aklan to Romblon is the Caticlan-Odiongan ferry. There are daily trips by 2GO Travel. Estimated travel time is 2 to 3 hours by sea. Click here to see schedules and availability for this route.

Romblon Group of Islands

Romblon Island

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On the main island alone, there’s a plethora of places to visit. But the number one item on that list has got to be Bonbon beach. It’s free for all and only a 15 minute tricycle ride away from the town proper. During low tide, the sandbar connects Romblon island and the uninhabited Bang-og islet. Fort San Andres also makes for an interesting visit. Being one of the last surviving structures from the Spanish occupation, the fort offers a bird eye’s view of town. Other points of interest on Romblon Island include: Tiamban Beach, San Pedro Beach, Kipot River, & Libtong Falls. Deciding to stay on Romblon Island would be a good choice, check out available accommodation here

Sibuyan Island

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The top attractions in Sibuyan Island are Cresta de Gallo and Mt. Guiting Guiting. Cresta de Gallo’s sandbar is huge, with crystal waters surrounding it. Meanwhile, the highlight of Mt. Guiting Guiting is its jagged rocks or “knife edge”. Cons: both places are not easy to reach. Pros: no overcrowding of tourists! Once you overcome the long journeys, you’ll have the unspoiled beauty of these natural wonders to (mostly) yourself. Planning a visit? Remember to take a ferry to Sibuyan Island instead of Romblon from Batangas.

Tablas Island

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Tablas Island is the largest out of Romblon’s group of islands. It even has its own little island: Carabao Island which has been likened to Boracay—only quieter and more secluded. You can go caving, cliff diving and of course, beach bumming. Another unique spot on Tablas Island is Tinagong Dagat which literally translates to “hidden lake”. Some fun trivia about this place: when the sea is low, the lakes are high. The opposite also holds true. This is because the lakes are connected to the sea by underground channels. A few days on Tablas Island won't be enough, we suggest you stay longer to explore all it has to offer

Logbon Island

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On an island hopping tour, travelers would get to explore Logbon Island, Cobrador Island, and Alad Island. Although nearest to Romblon Island, Logbon island would be the last stop in the tour itinerary. It’s so close that both Bonbon beach and Bang-og islet are visible in the distance. Travelers come here not only for the sandbar, but also for its unique diving sites. Underwater, there is a coral canyon, a marine sanctuary, and a Japanese ship wreck that divers can explore.

Cobrador Island

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To locals, Cobrador Island is called “Naguso”. From Romblon Island, it takes 30-40 minutes to get here by boat. It’s a good snorkeling and diving spot because of the sea turtle sanctuary. Visitors have expressed awe at being able to swim next to these shelled creatures. For adrenaline adventurers, there’s also a cliff jumping area at the Marakay Marakay diving board. It’s an isolated island dedicated solely to cliff jumping, how cool is that? The set of stairs make it easy for you to repeat as many jumps as you want!