Wright Park in Baguio City

Wright Park in Baguio City

4th Oct 2019

Wright Park is one of Baguio’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s the best place to bring family members of all ages, since all the activities here are child-friendly.

Wright Park History

We all know that Baguio City served as a retreat place during the American occupation because of its cold climate and natural sceneries. Wright Park is one of the many recreational facilities created during that time, named after Governor Luke Edward Wright, a former Governor-General of the Philippines.

The whole park itself is very picturesque and Instagram-worthy. Take a picture by the Pool of Pines, a rectangular body of water in the middle of the park. Trees are very abundant here, a contrast from the busy Session Road.

There are a few activities you can do here aside from sightseeing.Horseback riding rentals are available if you don’t want to stroll the park by foot. You can rent a horse for P300/hour and P200/30 minutes, or depending on your negotiation. There’s a viewing deck if you just want to watch the horses.

You can find Igorot costume rentals along the way. For only 20 pesos, take as much photos as you like while wearing a costume.

There are strawberry taho vendors around the area to satisfy your cravings!

The famous Mansion, the official summer palace of the Philippine president, is located just across the Wright Park. Entrance is also free, and you can take photos in front of the mansion.

Wright Park Entrance Fee

Wright Park is free for all visitors, and fees apply only to some activities inside.

Going to Wright Park, Baguio City

Ride the jeepney with the sign Baguio Plaza – Mines View and drop-off at the Mansion. You can also choose to ride a taxi cab from your point of destination.

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