Manila to Sagada Travel Guide 2020: Bus Schedule, Things to Do

Manila to Sagada Travel Guide 2020: Bus Schedule, Things to Do

21st Jan 2020

Thanks to the Filipino hit movie called That Thing Called Tadhana, many take a pilgrimage to Sagada in hopes of finding a cure for heartache. One might think that the cold weather would further depress lonely souls, but Sagada has so much to offer that will uplift your spirits. Keep reading our travel guide below to find out how to get to Sagada, and what to expect there.

How to Get to Sagada

Despite Sagada’s rising popularity, the only bus company that operates a Manila to Sagada route is Coda Lines. Bear in mind that the travel time from Manila to Sagada (and vice versa) is 12 hours.

To ride Coda Lines, please proceed to the following terminal addresses:

Coda Lines Cubao Terminal:
Monte de Piedad corner Maryland Street, Cubao, Quezon City.

Coda Lines Sagada Terminal:
Poblacion Tadian Community Center, Poblacion, Sagada, Mt. Province

Manila to Sagada Bus Schedule 2020

8:00 PM - Semi Deluxe
9:00 PM - Super Deluxe
10:00 PM - Super Deluxe
10:30 PM - Semi Deluxe

Sagada to Manila Bus Schedule 2020

10:30 AM - Super Deluxe
2:00 PM - Semi Deluxe
3:00 PM - Super Deluxe
4:00 PM - Semi Deluxe

Manila - Sagada Bus Fare

Coda Lines has two types of buses: the Semi Deluxe and Super Deluxe. What is the difference between the two? Well, the Semi Deluxe, which has a seating capacity of 45 pax, is priced at 912 PHP. Meanwhile, the Super Deluxe is priced higher at 1,176 PHP because it’s equipped with a restroom and only has 35 seats.

Since the daily trips for the Manila to Sagada route are very limited, book your tickets online here. You’ll get immediate confirmation so it’s as good as a ticket from the terminal!

Best Time to Visit Sagada

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Being a mountainous area, Sagada has a cooler climate than the rest of the Philippines. The average temperature all year round is at 18°C or 64°F.

Temperatures drop even further from November to February. It is generally recommended to visit Sagada during these months because it is when the weather is the coolest and driest. Sagada starts to warm up during the summer months of March to May. What follows is the wet season from June to September. Be cautious when visiting during the rainy months because landslides can occur.

If you would like to avoid the peak season, refrain from visiting during Holy Week. Even locals have complained that it gets too crowded and the traffic dramatically worsens. The Bonfire Festival also attracts flocks of tourists. It is usually held on December 27 or 28, the dates after Christmas but before the New Year. After you’ve toured Sagada, it’d be a shame to pass up a side trip to either Baguio or Banaue. Better make your 12 hour travel time count!

Activities and Things to Do in Sagada

Majority of the activities in Sagada are done outdoors. Prepare to get physical!

Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave

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Out of all the caves in Sagada, the Sumaguing Cave is the most popular one. The highlights of visiting Sumaguing Cave would be its obstacle course-like trek and interesting rock formations. If you’ve never tried spelunking before, don’t worry! Sumaguing Cave is beginner friendly. Wear sturdy sandals and light clothing because you will get wet. Allot 4 hours of your day for this underground exploration.

Sunrise Viewing at Kiltepan Peak

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Famed for its sea of clouds and breathtaking sunrise, Kiltepan Peak is not to be missed. To catch this view, you must wake up very early and trek uphill to the peak. You may arrange for a van with the tourism office to take you to the jump off point and back to your hotel for 500 PHP. Pick up is scheduled at 4:30 AM.

Trekking at Bomod-Ok Waterfalls

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As you may have guessed, getting to the Bomod-Ok Falls will involve trekking again. It takes about an hour’s worth of walking and climbing down steep steps to reach the majestic 200 meter waterfall. You will be required to hire a guide for 500 PHP who will accompany you during the whole hike.

Sightseeing at Hanging Coffins

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The Igorots used to bury their dead in these coffins that were hung at the side of cliffs. Beliefs aside, keeping the coffins high up prevents the bodies from being eaten or stolen. Take a guide with you when visiting this site to fully appreciate Sagada’s tradition and culture.

Kapay-aw Rice Terraces

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On the way to Sumaguing Cave, the Kapay-aw Rice Terraces can be spotted. If you want to see the Kapay-aw Rice Terraces at its greenest, try visiting during the planting season of February and March. You can also enjoy this view while on a zipline!

Where to Stay in Sagada

Planning your visit? Browse for more Sagada accommodations below.