Joy Bus Cubao

Baguio City is definitely one of the most favorite vacation places in the country. People go here every weekend to relax and unwind, since the cold climate is a refreshing escape to Manila’s chaotic vibe. While Baguio is hours away from the capital, going here is very accessible thanks to a number of bus companies offering trips from Manila to Baguio and vice versa.

If you’re planning to head there sometime on a weekend, try Joy Bus. Joy Bus is the high-end version of Genesis bus, and both are under the same bus company: Genesis Transport. They offer trips to popular Philippine destinations such as Baguio, Baler, Bataan and Pampanga. 

Joy Bus has three types: premiere, deluxe and semi-deluxe. Of course, they all have different prices and perks, but they all guarantee a more comfortable travel compared to normal buses.

Last month, we had the chance to experience the deluxe version, and here’s what we loved about it:

Accessible bus terminal Cubao and Pasay


Joy Bus has two bus terminals in Manila: Pasay and Cubao. Both are located near other provincial bus terminals in EDSA, so you won’t have trouble finding them. Search for Genesis Bus Terminal on Waze and Google Maps.

Genesis Joybus Terminals Addresses Cubao, Pasay and Baguio

Joy Bus Terminal Cubao is located at EDSA Cubao, Corner New York St., Quezon City.

Joy Bus Terminal Pasay is located at 101 - A Giselle Park Plaza Corner Rotonda, Pasay City.

Joy Bus Terminal Baguio is located at 36 Gov. Pack Road, Session Road, Baguio City.

View Joy Bus trip schedules here.

Faster travel time of 4 hours from Manila to Baguio

Thanks to TPLEX Pozorrubio Exit, travel time from Manila to Baguio and vice versa has cut down to 3-4 hours.

Joy Bus has no stopovers, so you’re heading to your destination in no time.

Comfortable bus seats in deluxe class


Fluffy seat cushion and more spacious leg room? Yes, please! With Joy Bus Deluxe, you’ll travel in comfort with La-Z boy seats. It’s almost similar to the Premiere type, sans the tablet screens behind the seats. Each bus has a limited seating capacity of 28 seats with 2x3 seat layout for more space (another reason to book online prior to your trip!

Amenities and services of the deluxe bus ride to Baguio

Free snacks

Who says stewards are only available on airplane rides? Joy Bus Deluxe has kind attendants who won’t hesitate to assist you with your needs. If you forgot to bring snacks, they got you! During our ride, we were handed with free biscuits and bottle of water.

Wi-Fi, CCTV and toilet on-board

You can stream your favorite show on Netflix, or listen to your Spotify playlist non-stop during your travel, courtesy of the bus Wi-Fi connection. Ran out of battery? No worries, each seat has USB ports where you can charge your device for the whole trip.

Since there are no stopovers, a toilet is available on board so having a very sensitive bladder is not a problem.

The bus is also CCTV-equipped (with speakers!) so you’re guaranteed in safe hands.


Joy Bus Premiere Class additional service 

If you want a complete premium experience, book the Joy Bus Premiere. Aside from the features mentioned above, all seats come with a mini tablet where you can stream your favorite movie or listen to music.

Joy Bus Schedule 2019

View full and updated bus schedules at

Joy Bus operates on a daily basis. Here’s a schedule taken from Joy Bus Baguio terminal in July 2019:


Joy Bus Contact Number



Cubao, Quezon City

(02) 551 0842


0933-852-7648 / 0933-852-7638

Rotonda, Pasay City

(02) 551 0842

Baguio City


0933-852-7648 / 0933-852-7638


Joy Bus Online Booking

Remember to book online before your trip, since seats get sold out fast. Chance passengers are welcome, though it may be hard to secure a seat without prior booking. You can easily book through your mobile phone via and pay thru bank deposits (Chinabank, BDO, BPI), Credit Card, Paypal and GCash. Our booking experience was hassle-free, and you pay only a small fee as convenience fee. Note: Additional fees depend on your chosen payment option. Simply choose your destination, fill-up important details like full name, and pay online. You can also choose your preferred seats. After receiving your confirmation e-mail, claim your physical ticket at the bus terminal before boarding.

Overall, you get what you pay for in Joy Bus. No need to bring a car to Baguio, you’ll get a comfortable trip through this executive transport service.